March 11, 2019 – Arlon EMD, a privately held, veteran owned, specialty laminate manufacturer has completed Phase I of their 2019 facility expansion and factory upgrades. In this phase, Arlon has more than doubled the manufacturing floor space used for shrink-wrapping, packaging and labeling materials in preparation for shipping. The expansion in Phase I entailed removing two clerical offices and cutting out two walls to open-up space for increased manufacturing output. In addition, Arlon built two new work stations, one office, added 75 feet of transport conveyor track, purchased a new ink marking machine, tunnel oven and shrink-wrapping equipment.

All this up-grade activity is designed to improve material flow through the operation. “It was important for us to get faster, more consistent and smoother with our single order flow. It’s all about speed in getting our products packaged and to our customers as quickly as possible.” commented Ricardo Mendoza, Arlon’s Manufacturing Manager.

Arlon’s business model is to provide a wide range of unique, specialty materials for the OEMs and fabricators, with a strong focus on reliability, quality, accuracy and short lead times. “Expansion of our facility is the first of several phases of capital investment for 2019. We are targeting improving our speed in manufacturing, product cleanliness and enhancements in facility performance. We are fortunate to have shareholders who believe in our business model and understand that our growth plans warrant such investment.” stated Brad Foster, Arlon’s President.

About Arlon: Arlon EMD is veteran owned and privately held by CriticalPoint Capital ( Arlon EMD is a US manufacturer and distributor of specialty materials. Arlon has supplied materials for the N. American, UK and European markets for more than 25 years from their manufacturing location in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

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