High Performance Polyimide

General Information

Arlon’s 86HP is a revolutionary addition to Arlon’s best-in-class high performance polyimide laminate systems engineered to meet high temperature, electrical and mechanical performance not found with any other polyimide resin system.

86HP is designed for dense circuit configurations due to the anti-CAF performance of over 1000 hours at 85% RH/85⁰C, low-Z-axis expansion of <1% between 50⁰C to 260⁰C for high layer count MLB’s, very high decomposition temperatures of 430⁰C, high thermal conductivity of 0.6 W/mK, low moisture uptake of 0.12% for sensitive climate applications and is ideal for sequential lamination designs using up to seven additional lamination steps. 86HP applications include mission critical PWB’s for military, aerospace, space, down hole oil and gas drilling, burn-in and automatic test equipment. 86HP meets IPC-4101 slash sheets 40/41.

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