Aerospace and Defense

Where dependability of electronic components is essential, Arlon continues to support defense industry programs with high performance, high operating temperature laminate and prepregs for mission critical programs. Arlon offers a suite of polyimide and epoxy full flow and low flow products that are integrated into a multitude of applications that require extreme physical changes for missile guidance systems, rocket engine control systems as well as other electronics for the most demanding environments.

This market uses a wide variety of materials in various weapons systems where durability and reliability are critical. Arlon offers a variety of options in applications where standard laminate materials undergoing rapid temperature and pressure changes may produce a significant mismatch of expansion coefficients between the substrate and components resulting in stress at the contact points and ultimately causing component failure. Additionally, many ‘smart’ weapons using RF sensors must have highly reliable materials in the triggering mechanisms.  Arlon’s polyimide full and low flow materials are used when reliability is essential to the program.

Consult an Arlon representative to find the right material solution for your high-performance application.

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