Semiconductor and Burn-in

Chip Carriers and Interposers use printed wiring material to make the final connection between semiconductor devices and multilayer PWBs. To match the expansion of low in-plane chip devices, Arlon has a suite of high glass transition temperature, low CTE laminates manufactured with either non-woven aramid reinforcement or woven Kevlar® to closely match silicon CTEs as low as 5-7 ppm/⁰C.

Burn-in test equipment uses elevated voltages, temperatures, and power cycling to evaluate high power chips, boards, or products. The burn-in process tests the quality of the semiconductor device before it is incorporated into a finished device, ensuring that an IC chip with a latent defect is weeded out. Arlon’s Polyimide is the laminate of choice for long lasting, durable, and dependable under high heating conditions during this operation.

Consult an Arlon representative to find the right material solution for your high-performance application.

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