Space and Satellite

NASA’s preferred high-performance laminates for space applications are polyimide-based resin systems that enable electronics to perform with lifespans well in excess of mission requirements. Arlon continues to support a multitude of programs with superior high glass transition polyimide laminates and prepregs designed with high decomposition temperatures to resist thermal shocks common within space applications.

For many years Arlon’s polyimide materials have proven to be the material of choice in space applications because of their superior reliability. Arlon offers non-brominated resin systems which give engineers options for designing complex circuits using one of our most common polyimide base resin systems to address the multiple challenges needed when putting custom-made, high tech equipment into space. When faced with the challenges of extreme temperature and pressure changes and in the harshest environments, choose a material that has a proven history and track record of success, choose Arlon’s many polyimide laminates and prepregs options.

Consult an Arlon representative to find the right material solution for your high-performance application.

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