Heavy Copper Layers

Metal cores and thick copper layers of 3 ounce or greater, usually require special materials and handling to make them successful and reliable during manufacturing. Providing appropriate stack ups and resin available to fill these features can be particularly challenging. Arlon provides solutions that arise with these designs, starting with our 84HP which is a high-performance ceramic-filled polyimide prepreg based on Arlon’s 85N pure polyimide system. 84HP is designed for use in filling etched areas in polyimide multilayers that contain thick copper layers and is used for filling clearance holes in metal cores. The ceramic filler in this resin system serves to reduce shrinkage and inhibit crack formulation during through-hole drilling in filled clearance areas. Arlon’s 84HP meets the requirements of IPC-4101E/40,/41 and is validated to IPC-4101E/43.

Arlon 85HP’s laminate and prepreg system use a unique blend of pure polyimide resin and micro-fine proprietary fillers that result in superior performance for demanding applications. Compared to conventional polyimide systems, 85HP has a lower Z-axis expansion and twice the thermal conductivity at .5 W/M/k. 85HP reduces resin cracking and wicking in designs with high density plated through holes and vias. The prepreg has resin flow characteristics and pressed thickness matching standard polyimides and meets the requirements of IPC-4101E/40, /41 and /43.

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