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Arlon EMD is a manufacturer of specialty high performance laminate and prepreg materials for use in aircraft and avionics, defense electronics, industrial applications, semiconductor tests, and space and satellite markets.


Arlon Electronic Materials Division (EMD) is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is a major manufacturer of specialty high performance laminate and prepreg materials for use in a wide variety of PCB (printed circuit board) applications.


Arlon Electronic Materials (EMD) specializes in high performance laminate and prepreg materials for printed circuit boards.

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Arlon EMD employs state of the art production equipment, engineered to provide cost-effective, flexible manufacturing capacity to permit quick response to customer requirements while meeting the most stringent quality and tolerance demands.

our markets

Typical applications for our materials include advanced commercial and military electronics such as aircrafts and avionics, industrial applications, semiconductor testing, and space and satellite markets.


Arlon 85HP’s unique blend of pure polyimide resin and micro-fine proprietary fillers results in superior performance for demanding applications. Compared to conventional polyimide systems, 85HP has a lower Z-axis expansion and twice the thermal conductivity. 85HP reduces resin cracking and wicking in designs with high density plated through holes and vias. 85HP prepreg has resin flow characteristics and pressed thickness matching standard polyimides.

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