Arlon Electronic Materials received official validation for several of its polyimide materials through IPC’s Validation Services program last month. This latest validation of its polyimide materials confirms Arlon’s ongoing commitment to providing its OEM and fabricator customers with the most reliable and consistent products available.

IPC Validation Services tested and found Arlon’s 33N, 35N, and 85N laminate systems in conformance to the requirements of IPC-4101 Specification Sheets 40 and 41. Additionally, Arlon’s polyimide low flow prepreg systems, 37N and 38N were validated to Specification Sheet 42. These products were originally tested and listed on IPC Validation Services Qualified Products List in 2018 and have been validated again this year. A full list of Arlon’s QPL listed products can be found on IPC Validation Service’s website:

According to John Wright, Arlon’s Director of Quality, “Having our polyimide products listed on IPC Validation Services Qualified Products List gives our customers the assurance that our processes and products continue to meet or exceed specifications.  As a supplier into the global Aerospace, Industrial, and Military markets, we feel that IPC’s Validation Services program provides our customer base the confidence that Arlon’s products will consistently meet their design and performance requirements.”

Arlon EMC Receives IPC-4101 QPL Recertification (