Aircraft and Avionics

Arlon’s engineered polyimide substrates are highly suitable for the long-term reliability in aircraft and avionics. In addition to full flow polyimide products, Arlon offers low flow polyimide and epoxy prepregs for rigid flex printed wiring boards to replace harness and cable assemblies which reduces weight and space within the aircraft. In addition, Arlon manufactures laminates and prepregs with non-woven aramid reinforcement with either epoxy or polyimide resin systems which are 25% less weight than standard woven E-glass PWB’s, saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs over the life of the aircraft.

In aircraft and avionic applications long term reliability is paramount. Not surprisingly many of the electronic components are inserted into the most reliable material in the industry, polyimide laminates.  Polyimide laminates, prepreg and low flow materials are used because of their high reliability and stability at extreme temperatures.  Over the years, Arlon has built a strong reputation by supplying specialty materials into the avionics and aircraft market.

Consult an Arlon representative to find the right material solution for your high-performance application.

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