Arlon Electronic Materials, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, is pleased to announce the company has entered into a licensing agreement with Elite Materials Co. Ltd. (EMC), Taiwan. Under the terms of this agreement, EMC will commence volume production of Arlon’s flag ship polyimide material 85N. Arlon’s and EMC’s product engineer teams initiated this effort in early 2022. The polyimide product produced by EMC will be marketed as EM-85N. The EM-85N material meets or exceeds the performance requirements of IPC-4101-WAM-1. The product will be certified to both /40 and /41. Offering equivalent product performance to Arlon’s 85N at a lower production cost through EMC is the goal in creating EM-85N. EMC is granted file copy authorization by Underwriters Laboratories to manufacture Arlon’s 85N utilizing Arlon’s file number E48692.

“This collaborative effort will greatly benefit the users of Arlon’s 85N product in Asia, Europe, and North America.” Stated Mark Carlson, Arlon’s Global OEM Marketing Manager. “The location of EMC’s Taiwan volume production facility will reduce the logistics costs to our customer base in SE Asia. Leveraging the production capabilities of EMC to manufacture EM-85N in Taiwan provides a cost advantage on EM-85N that is not obtainable if produced in North America. The EM-85N laminates will be available to Arlon’s North American customer base in early 2023.” Added Mr. Carlson.

Data sheets for the product are available at: or

EMC Gains License to Produce Arlon Products (