About Us

In 1969 Art Howe founded a company that would be called Howe Industries. Located in Southern California, Howe Industries manufactured polyimide laminate and prepregs for the small but growing printed circuit board industry who in turn supported the growing aircraft and military businesses springing up around the country. Thermoset polyimide resin was the preferred high temperature laminate system known for its thermal stability, good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and very good heat resistance. Today under a new name, Arlon, Electronic Materials Division, we continue on with Art Howe’s vision of developing and manufacturing Best in Class laminate and prepregs with the world’s most durable thermoset resin systems.

Arlon’s History

1969 - Founded as Howe Industries in Los Angeles, California

1983 - Purchased by Bairnco – Renamed Keene Technology

2007 - Purchased by Handy & Harman

2015 - January Purchased by Rogers Corporation

2015 - December Purchased by Critical Point Capital Renamed Arlon EMD

2020 - December Purchased by Elite Material Co.