Applications in 5G, IOTs, edge computing, AI, data center and emerging cloud technologies have called for increased transmission speed and bandwidth. These requirements drove EMC to develop advanced technologies like PCIe 5.0/ 6.0, 5G/ 6G, 112 Gb/s or even 224 Gb/s Serdes Speed for 800G and future 1.6TB Ethernet applications. 

At DesignCon 2022, EMC will highlight extreme low loss materials EM-892K / EM-892K2 (“K” indicates low Dk/Df glass, while “K2” stands for next generation low Dk/Df glass). These materials have been the best in-class performers since 2020.  Both materials have been formulated with EMC’s cutting-edge Halogen-Free technologies to enable EM-892K to reach Dk 2.9 / Df 0.0017 and EM-892K2 to achieve Dk 2.8 / Df 0.0013@10GHz. Both versions of EM-892K can withstand a minimum of 7 lamination cycles. Numerous Tier-1 OEMs, ODMs and PCB fabricators have already qualified the EM-892K and EM-892K2 materials with HVLP3 or HVLP4 foil to tackle future 800G design challenges.    

Penetrating both ELIC designs and substrate-like CTE applications, EMC has introduced the 2nd generation IC Substrate materials “EM-S530/ S530K” designed for antenna-in-package (AIP) and “EM-S570” ideal for FCBGA/ FCCSP applications. 

In addition to these materials, EMC’s newly acquired local US operation, Arlon EMD, is introducing a new polyimide product 86HP. The 86HP uses a unique polyimide resin that has exceptional Anti-CAF performance. Arlon’s 86HP is ideal for use in designs with tightly packed thru-hole configurations, HDI, high layer counts, and in high temperature applications.  EMC and Arlon, jointly welcome global OEMs, ODMs and PCB Fabricators to stop by our Booth #418 at DesignCon 2022 to learn more about our latest product offerings. 

About Elite Materials Co., Ltd (EMC)

Elite Material Co., Ltd. (EMC), headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan, is known for its leading halogen-free technology in the world, providing advanced laminate material solutions for the Infrastructure, Automotive & Industrial, Mobile Devices, and IC Substrates applications. EMC has been the largest halogen-free laminator in the world and ranks among the global Top 5 laminator in 2020 by Prismark. EMC also provides world-class quality Mass Lamination service in Taiwan to serve global PCB industry for max. PCB layer count up to 22L for high volume production, and up to 26L for Prototyping with sequential lamination capability. For more information, please visit EMC website at


ARLON was acquired and joined EMC in Dec 2020.  Arlon is a global leader in high performance PI material and thermoset substrates for mission critical printed circuit boards manufactured for high endurance and long-life programs.  Focused industries are in AIM (Aerospace – Industrial – Military) sectors. For more information on ARLON EMD, please visit at

EMC Launches 112Gb/s Design and New IC Substrate Materials at DesignCon 2022 (