Rancho Cucamonga, CA June 4th,2021

IPC Validation Services officially recognizes Arlon’s 84HP prepreg as having passed all tests that meets or exceeds the product performance requirements of IPC-4101E-WAM1/43.  By achieving validation to slash sheet 43, Arlon’s 84HP prepreg combined with 85HP laminate is distinguished as the most thermally stable, pure polyimide resin system on the market. Specifically, the 84HP/85HP meets the test criteria for less than 1% coefficient of thermal expansion in the Z axis between 50o to 260o C.

Arlon developed 84HP as a prepreg bonding companion to Arlon’s 85HP filled pure polyimide resin laminate system.  84HP is designed for use in filling etched areas in polyimide multilayers that contain thick copper metal cores.  84HP is specifically a high resin content 106 prepreg manufactured with the machine orientation to match 85HP laminate and prepreg.

A proprietary filler is dispersed within the 84HP and 85HP polyimide resin which serves to reduce shrinkage and inhibit crack formation during lamination and through-hole mechanical drilling processes.  CTE (x-y plane) of the 84HP/85HP is 17 ppm matching the CTE of copper. In addition to these slash 43 requirements, 85HP has a thermal conductivity of 0.50 W/mK, which is two times (2X) greater than other pure polyimide CCL materials.  This unique formulation has proven benefits such as improved drilling over conventional polyimide resin systems, predictable dimensional stability, and reduction in gouging and glass wicking during hole formation. 

84HP Conforms to IPC4101/40, /41 and is Validated to IPC4101/43 specifications

Test results for 84HP’s and 85HP’s Validation can be found on the IPC Validation Services website:  https://ipcvalidation.org/qualifications/qpl-qml-list/ipc-4101/arlon-electronic-materials/.

Arlon’s 84HP Receives Official IPC Validation to IPC-4101E-WAM1/43 (iconnect007.com)