Arlon Electronic Materials, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, announced its entrance into the high-speed, low loss, materials market with Arlon’s upcoming “Aero” line of High-Speed materials, with the first release being the “HS-320”. Arlon’s Aero High-Speed (HS) line of materials represents a significant enhancement to the company’s product portfolio that has historically been known for primarily polyimide resin-based products.

“I am very excited to have these new materials to offer our valued customers in the AIM (aerospace, industrial and military) markets.” commented Dave Nelson, Arlon’s Global Business Development Manager. “For nearly 40 years, Arlon has been known as the company to go to when polyimide and no-flow materials are required. Now, with our Aero High-Speed product line, Arlon has a great opportunity to support our customers with world class high-speed, low loss materials, designed to meet demanding electrical requirements.”

Arlon’s first release of Aero High-Speed materials will have dielectric constants from 2.8-3.4 with loss tangency between 0.001-0.003 tested at 10 GHz. The materials will be anti-CAF, up to 9 sequential laminations, and suitable for HDI.

The first production release of Arlon’s Aero High-Speed material is slated for early 2023. Data sheets for the product will be available at:

Arlon Introduces “High-Speed” Product Line (