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For many years polyimide materials have proven to be the material of choice in space applications because of their superior reliability. Arlon, as the leading supplier of polyimide resins on multiple substrates, continues to lead the charge in offering material solutions.  Arlon’s 85N has been used in PCBs in all of the Mars Lander programs, enabling equipment to perform with life-spans well in excess of mission requirements and expectations.  In space applications repair and replacement of failed field parts is generally not possible.  The reliability of the PCB is absolutely mission-critical. Arlon’s high reliability, halogen-free products using a common polyimide resin include 85N, 85HP and 84N. Arlon’s 85NT is 25% lighter in weight than glass reinforced laminates, making it an ideal material for space and satellite applications.  These non-brominated systems give engineers and fabricators options for designing and manufacturing complex circuits using one common base resin but allow for options to address the multiple challenges needed when putting custom-made, high tech equipment into space. When faced with the challenges of extreme temperature and pressure changes and in the harshest environments, choose a material that has a proven history and track record of success, choose Arlon polyimide.

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