Aircraft & avionics

Avionic and aircraft applications include: flight control systems, cockpit electronics, radar and radio systems and engine control electronics. In aircraft and avionic applications long term reliability is paramount. Not surprisingly many of the electronic components are inserted into the most reliable material in the industry, polyimide laminates.  Polyimide laminates, prepreg and low flow materials are used because of their high reliability and stability at extreme temperatures.  Over the years, Arlon has built a strong reputation by supplying specialty materials into the avionics and aircraft market. Today, Arlon supplies more types of polyimide resin systems (33N, 35N, 85N, 85NT, 85HP), specialty products (37N, 38N, 44N, 47N, 49N, HF-50, 51N, 84N) and product based solutions for this market space than any other supplier. If you are faced with a design or fabrication challenge you don’t need to solve it alone.

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Products used in this market

33N                         37N

35N                          38N

85N                          44N

85NT                        47N

85HP                        49N




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